comair flight services launches pure flight programme

September 11, 2019

Comair Flight Services announced the launch of their carbon offsetting initiative, the CFS Pure Flight Programme.

Whilst a number of other aircraft operators offer optional carbon offset initiatives, CFS is the first in Africa to go carbon neutral on all their flights and the offset cost is automatically included in the price of any charter flight operated by them.

The CFS Pure Flight Programme will offset their aircraft CO2 emissions by supporting various projects that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also aim to alleviate poverty. Many of these carbon offsetting projects also provide wider benefits in addition to carbon reduction, such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security and health & well-being in developing countries.

“Our clients spoke and we listened” said Kerry Searle, Client Services Director at Comair Flight Services. “Sustainability is very important to our clients and they wanted a simple way to offset the carbon their flights produce and still remain competitive on pricing, and I think we’ve been able to achieve that.”

In partnership with Credible Carbon, a South African carbon registry, CFS sources carbon credits from independently reviewed and accredited projects that actually reduce carbon dioxideemissions and Comair Flight Services does not profit from these transactions in any way.

Justin Reeves, CEO Comair Flight Services, says “At CFS we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Among our efforts to tackle climate change, we have set up the CFS Pure Flight Programme in partnership with the team at Credible Carbon to help offset the carbon dioxide generated from air travel in a credible and simple way. I’m immensely proud of our initiative which clearly sets us apart from our competitors, however I challenge them all to join us in reducing the impact our businesses have on our planet.”