cae signs 5-year training agreement for airasia’s a330 pilots

April 1, 2019

CAE announced the signing of a new five-year training agreement for AirAsia’s long-haul pilots. The agreement extends the use of the CAE Rise™ training system to AirAsia’s long-haul affiliate, AirAsia X, on the Airbus A330 platform. CAE is providing initial training for the airline’s pilots and will soon undertake recurrent training at CAE’s training center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, starting in July 2019.

“The extension of the CAE Rise™ system to the Airbus A330 platform recognizes our commitment to providing world-class training for our pilots,” said Captain Desmond Voo, AirAsia X’s Chief Pilot Training and Standards.  “We’ve embarked on a mission to digitize every aspect of our business, and by implementing CAE Rise™ we’re able to better train and develop our pilots using real-life scenarios and data. This will ensure we can continue to provide the highest training standards to our pilots.”

“AirAsia and CAE share a longstanding partnership that spans over 15 years, and we are thrilled to extend the CAE Rise™ training system to the Airbus A330 platform,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President Civil Aviation Training Solutions. “Our CAE Rise™ Training System will give instructors a new approach to objectively assess pilot competencies using live data during training sessions. It will provide real-time insights and standardized evaluations in accordance with the airlines Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).”

CAE and AirAsia share a long-standing relationship of more than 15 years, with the provision of training equipment and training center operation services. The partnership further evolved into the launch of an innovative Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) cadet training program to the complete outsourcing of AirAsia’s training needs, and most recently, the launch of the CAE Rise™ training system.