bell 407 aids in mountainside rescue in patagonia

July 27, 2020

In Neuquén, the northernmost region of Patagonia in Argentina, a 12-day emergency search ended with the rescue of two families. With the use of a Bell 407, authorities were able to locate the lost families stranded in a snowy mountain range and supply them with food, blankets and warm apparel.
In regions with sprawling terrain and unpredictable weather, helicopters are necessary assets in a crisis because they provide a much-needed eye in the sky as well as an ability to reach sites inaccessible by ground vehicles. The Bell 407 has a reputation for its reliability and agility, especially in rescue missions.

“Twelve Days Lost in the Snow: They Saved Two Families
A special operation found two families of crianceros who had lost their trail, in the Cordillera del Viento.
Two families, a total of five people, were assisted in a special operation, with a helicopter, in a place called La Aleta, near Tricao Malal, in the Cordillera del Viento, in northern Neuquén.
The rescued are dedicated to raising animals, and were totally isolated by the heavy snowstorm. They searched for them for 12 days, because their trail had been lost. Finally, in La Aleta, shortly before the Pampa Ferraina, it was possible to arrive to assist them, with food, blankets and warm clothes.
The special location and assistance operation was coordinated through the Provincial Aeronautics Directorate, the General Secretariat and Public Services, the Ministry of Territorial Development and Environment, and the Ministry of the Interior and Local Governments, together with the municipality of Tricao Malal.
The mayor of Tricao Malal, Jorge Gutiérrez , explained that “these are two family groups that are dedicated to the breeding activity. 12 days ago we had been monitoring the situation to locate them since all contact had been lost, we found them and they are in perfect condition health condition.”
“I want to thank Governor Omar Gutiérrez and Secretaries Dacharri, Lara and Llancafilo, thanks to the joint work we were able to reach the five local crianceros who are with two piños de chivos . The crianceros will remain there until Wednesday or Thursday, when they will begin the descent if the weather conditions allow it, “said the mayor.
The provincial government reported that the intervention was defined due to the total loss of contact for 12 days and the adverse weather forecast that is maintained for that region.”

Picture Facebook: Aeronáutica Neuquen