arinc and ge aviation sign digital agreement for flight analytics services

GE Aviation and ARINCDirect have agreed to engage in a collaborative arrangement to provide flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) services based on GE’s C-FOQA Centerline™ service.
GE and ARINCDirect will collaborate to build data integrations between C-FOQA Centerline and ARINCDirect’s existing services, enabling FOQA data to be made available during the flight planning process.  In addition, GE Aviation and ARINCDirect anticipate that over a ten-year service period, GE will assist ARINCDirect in the development of additional flight analytics services for their customers.
“By combining GE’s experience in flight safety analysis and flight analytics with ARINCDirect’s leadership in flight planning services and customer support, it’s our aim to make advanced flight safety analysis techniques as widespread and ubiquitous in business aviation as they are in the airline environment,” said Ben Ivy, senior product director for GE Aviation.
During the first phase of the agreement this summer, ARINCDirect and GE will work together with a group of their joint customers to develop the means to deliver C-FOQA Centerline to ARINCDirect customers through their existing ARINCDirect Flight Planning Portal.
The goal of this phase is to enable ARINCDirect customers to access C-FOQA Centerline safety analysis reports and tool through the same web portal and on the same mobile and desktop devices that they already use for all their other ARINCDirect services.   GE and ARINCDirect will work collaboratively with their joint customers to create new elements for the C-FOQA Centerline tailored specifically for ARINCDirect and designed to be delivered through the ARINCDirect portal.
Once the phase one development is completed, ARINCDirect will offer C-FOQA Centerline along with ARINCDirect enhancements, directly to all their customers.  Business jet operators would be able to acquire C-FOQA Centerline service as part of the flight planning and other services directly from ARINCDirect. GE will continue to offer its current C-FOQA Centerline product as well.
FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) is a powerful data analytic tool, based on flight data recorded during each flight.   Airlines and operators that adopt FOQA are better able to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards in flight operations.  Since its introduction in the airline industry more than 20 years ago, FOQA has been widely credited with reducing incident and accident rates at airlines where it has been adopted.  And the NTSB, in its 2017-2018 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Enhancements, encourages aircraft operators to improve safety oversight of their aircraft by routinely reviewing recorded flight data in a structured program such as C-FOQA.
In July 2005, GE began working with the Flight Safety Foundation to develop C-FOQA, a version of FOQA designed specifically for use in the business aircraft operating environment.  GE’s collaboration with ARINCDirect will make these advanced safety analysis techniques easily available and convenient to use by the clear majority of business aircraft operators.