aone parts a new chapter

January 29, 2019

Jack Caloras, formerly of CRS Jet Spares, has put together a group to help create his new company AOne Parts & Logistics, LLC. “This company has been formed to utilize the experience and knowledge of our people, be mindful of the socio-economic factors facing the Business Aviation community and provide customers with P.O.S. (Positively Outrageous Service) as created by Scott Gross,” says Caloras.  AOne has coined the phrase “Purveyor of Support and Service Excellence”.

AOne plans on providing services and solutions delivered in a manner that takes the positive aspects of today’s traditional bizav parts and service suppliers framing them in an innovative manner that serves all involved in each opportunity and transaction. “We are excited about the possibilities of our vision and believe that the benefits to all involved will be unique and well appreciated,” says Caloras.

Services that AOne are currently providing include buying and selling aircraft (both flyers and part-outs), consulting with owners and representatives when at the crossroads of deciding what do to with an aircraft, providing valuation analysis for inventories and assets, supplying parts required by operators around the world, seeking parts inventories that reflect a moving forward support direction, partnering with OEM’s and suppliers to improve market share leading to increased revenue.