aircraft fly green on avfuel’s sustainable aviation fuel at jackson hole aviation

September 6, 2019

Operators fueling at Jackson Hole Aviation from September 3 – 4 helped further business aviation’s carbon neutrality goals by flying on Avfuel’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).  

In total, Avfuel supplied 7300 gallons of SAF to the airport, which fueled 35 aircraft both commercial and general aviation with the sustainable product providing 2 metric tons reduction in the life cycle CO2 emissions. 

According to Jim Ellwood, executive director Jackson Hole Airport, “We are fortunate to have partnered with Avfuel, which allowed us to give our community a glimpse into the future of Sustainable Alternative Fuel (SAF) within the aviation industry. Being the only commercial service airport located wholly within a National Park, the Jackson Hole Airport Board is vested in limiting our impact on our environment. The Jackson Hole Airport plans to have this fuel onsite when it is readily available. Avfuel is on the leading edge of the SAF supply and distribution, and we look forward to the day when using this cleaner, efficient fuel will set new standards not only for our airport but for airports and aviators around the globe.”

 “These demonstration-type days are key to raising awareness on the viability of sustainable aviation fuel,” added Keith Sawyer, manager of alternative fuels for Avfuel. “They prove the concept that the product exists, it is safe and it provides a great benefit to our environment.”

And as supply of SAF continues to be the most challenging hurdle to bringing the product to market on a commercial scale, the fuel supplier hopes raising awareness will help inspire commitments by operators to use the product. By creating the demand, Avfuel’s aim is to encourage further production for greater sustainable representation in the fuel supply chain.

“Avfuel’s proud to play a role in the SAF initiative,” said Sawyer. “We’re thankful to the team at Jackson Hole that recognizes the need for sustainable alternatives and have worked diligently with us on the logistics of making this demonstration day a reality.”

This SAF demonstration was held in conjunction with the airport’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for its new underground stormwater detention and filtration system, helping to preserve the land and environment surrounding the airport and making for a unique, eco-focused event.

Avfuel sources it concentrated SAF from Gevo, Inc., and blends it with petroleum-based jet fuel. This mixture is then tested for fuel quality and to ensure it meets ASTM D1655 standards. The product has a net benefit to the environment across its lifecycle. Created from cornstarch, for every one million gallons of the concentrated SAF that is produced, approximately 20 million pounds of animal feed and protein is sold into the food chain, and the final jet fuel product burns cleaner, reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Those interested in learning more about sustainable aviation fuel are encouraged to visit or contact Sawyer at for more information.