airbus and ratp group to integrate air taxis into future urban mobility system

May 16, 2019

Catherine Guillouard, President and CEO of the French RATP Group and Guillaume Faury, Airbus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) have signed a partnership agreement to explore the feasibility of urban air mobility services (UAM : Urban Air Mobility) in Île-de-France.

This project aims to provide point-to-point services to travelers by offering them the best service innovations of both groups in terms of sustainable and shared mobility like the autonomous and electric vehicle.

Airbus and the RATP group will focus on analyzing the conditions for developing this cost-effective service offering, and work on intermobility and urban integration in order to make the flying vehicle accessible to as many people as possible. With this in mind, the RATP group and Airbus intend to collaborate on the establishment of a broad ecosystem of relevant partners to develop this new transport offer in other major global cities.

Guillaume Faury said: “Airbus is currently developing autonomous and unmanned technology demonstrators to help connect people more quickly. It’s not science fiction anymore. It is a fact. Today, we have all the technical bricks. But we must harmonize them in order to integrate them into everyday life without questioning our priority which is safety. RATP is a major international player for urban mobility solutions. Its knowledge of the user, his needs and the associated services makes him the ideal partner for Airbus. “

Catherine Guillouard, President and CEO of the RATP Group “Beyond mass transport, which remains our core business, it is important for the RATP group to develop its human and technical know-how in order to develop new mobility and new services for the smart city of tomorrow. And we are happy to work with Airbus, the world leader in aeronautics, which will bring us its unique knowledge in the field of aviation. “