new airport in denmark to have 113 m long traveling glass facade

October 8, 2019

The new hangar being built by a major Danish textile company for Denmark’s second-largest airport, in Billund, is set to receive an exceptional look. The state-of-the-art construction will measure 113 meters in length and 15 meters in height, and will simultaneously serve as a hangar door and facade. With its all-glass design, this construction represents a true innovation in architecture. “This is a special project for us because all-glass doors of this scale are unique,” says Thilo Butzbach, managing director of Butzbach GmbH. With its many years of experience in planning, designing and building large and complex door systems around the world, the Kellmünz-based company was able to distinguish itself from the other companies competing for the contract. The undertaking is currently in the detail- and project-planning phases, with production to follow. Butzbach is poised to assemble this complex door system on site in just 11 weeks, and the project is expected to be completed in February 2020.

Recently, Butzbach has contributed its industry expertise in many major projects at a national and international level. One example is the new airport in Istanbul, where, in autumn of 2018, the Kellmünz-based company constructed two large doors measuring 150 meters in length and 21.5 meters in height. Despite working under extreme wind conditions, the company was able to complete the project reliably and according to schedule. This large-scale project in Billund will generate 2 million euros in revenue for the company. It is the latest of the more than 850 hangar projects Butzbach has completed, including special orders like custom door adjustments for accommodating aircraft with extra-long fuselages, like the Airbus A380 at Munich Airport and the Airbus Beluga XL in Toulouse. “These major projects in the last two years are a testament to the trust our clients place in us. They prove that we are on the right path,” adds Butzbach.