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BART stands for Business Aviation Real Tool and BART’s mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among its readers, and to work diligently to build recognition for Business Aviation as an essential sector of Air Transportation, serving the Economy and Society. Strategically based in the heart of Europe and with offices in the United States, BART International deserves its title of “Premier Transatlantic Business Aviation Magazine in Europe”.

For more than twenty five years BART International has been a showcase for Business Aviation presented in our pages and on our digital media as a valuable business tool providing a unique and particularly important form of transportation. The magazine grew from very tentative beginnings when Europe with a fleet of 1,500 Business Aircraft was a long way behind the U.S.A. The European fleet has now more than doubled and BART International has become a major force behind in the transatlantic Business Aviation community.

We could not have achieved this result without the confidence that the industry placed in our publication. Yes we would like you to look at the evolution of the magazine thanks to the buoyancy of major advertisers. But more importantly, we want you to know how we got to where we are – by placing the needs of our advertisers first, then working hard to meet those needs. Pure and simple, we get the job done.

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