Embraer’s ultra-large Lineage 1000 executive jet demonstrator aircraft recently made history by completing the longest distance ever flown by an Embraer airplane. In its first nonstop flight from Mumbai, in India, to London’s Luton Airport (LTN), in England, the Lineage 1000 covered a ground distance of 4,015 nautical miles (7,435 km) in 9 hours and 15 minutes. This distance is equivalent to 4,400 nautical miles (8,149 km) with no headwind.
Throughout this year, our ultra-large Lineage 1000 executive jet demonstration aircraft has been showcased, worldwide, and we are satisfied it has successfully accomplished the longest distance ever flown by an Embraer airplane, from Mumbai to London, said Luís Carlos Affonso, Embraer Executive Vice President, Executive Jets. Our customers have appreciated the combination of range and comfort offered by the Lineage 1000, and this particularly significant route, linking the Asian and European markets, flown under real operating conditions, is a further demonstration of the capabilities of our aircraft.
The flight was performed in compliance with Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) fuel reserve requirements, with seven occupants “ three crew members and four passengers “ on a typically equipped Lineage 1000. With this latest city pair, owners, passengers and potential fliers of this ultra-large, thoroughly modern and luxurious aircraft, can go even farther across continents, in unequalled style and luxury.