Aircell, the world’s leading provider of airborne communications, announces that Hawker Beechcraft Corporation has selected two new Aircell connectivity systems for its line of midsize Hawker business jets. Customers taking delivery of new Hawker 750 and 900XP aircraft in 2010 can equip with their choice of Aircell® High Speed Internet or Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution at the factory.
In making this selection, Hawker Beechcraft becomes the first business jet manufacturer to offer its customers a choice in connectivity solutions “ one that operates over satellites and the other using air-to-ground technology. Hawker Beechcraft and Aircell have a longstanding relationship and Aircell products are currently offered on Hawker Beechcraft’s entire family of turbine business aircraft, from the King Air C90GTi through the Hawker 4000.
John Wade, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Aircell, said, More so than ever before, we’re seeing companies work hard to keep employees connected and productive while they travel and Aircell is a critical part of that effort. By offering two distinct connectivity options, Hawker Beechcraft is giving their customers a choice in state-of-the-art airborne communications technologies. By far, Aircell High Speed Internet is the fastest system available to Hawker operators “ it feels just like Internet at a hotel or coffee shop. For those that require global connectivity, Aircell’s SwiftBroadband is a satellite-based solution that offers sufficient bandwidth for e-mail and light Internet applications. Both systems will be available to Hawker customers as modular add-ons to the Aircell Axxess® cabin communications system.
A Hawker 750 demonstrator is currently flying with Aircell High Speed Internet and the first Hawker 750 demonstrator with Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution will enter service next month. Production systems for the various Hawker models will be available beginning in 2010.
Wade continued, In the past, connectivity systems for laptops and PDAs aboard midsize aircraft have been virtually non-existent because of their size, weight and expense. In sharp contrast, both of Aircell’s new systems represent dramatic leaps forward in technology. They are small, light and affordable enough to bring a never-before-seen level of productivity to the legendary Hawker series. We’re pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with Hawker Beechcraft on these new programs.