Emivest Aerospace Corporation (EAC) is proud to be apart of the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) Food4SA program. Food4SA is a community-wide effort each November to raise a million pounds of food for the needy in South Texas. The month-long drive benefits the San Antonio Food Bank and is sponsored by Security Service Federal Credit Union along with media partners Magic 105.3 FM, News 4 TV and the San Antonio Express-News. Emivest Aerospace’s donation drive known as Thirteen Days of Hunger involved the entire company. Its thirteen day drive finished on Friday and was much more successful than company volunteer coordinators had hoped.
Lead volunteer coordinator Emivest Aerospace’s Mike Day was proud of what such a small company can do when it sets it mind to it. He adds The generosity of my fellow workers here at Emivest Aerospace is amazing.  Their competitive nature was exposed too, and that is what made this small group of people raise over 4 tons of food for the San Antonio Food Bank. The average pounds per person are over 62 pounds per person, when you include cash at about $1 per Pound it’s over 79 Pounds per Person.  That is amazing.
The SAFB visited Emivest’s facilities to receive the donations at a brief ceremony on Friday, Oct 30th. SAFB’s Director of Development, Zuani Villarreal was overwhelmed by the donation adding It is inspiring. You have done an incredible job. You will be making a big difference in the lives of so many people during the holidays. We would like to thank you so much.
Emivest Aerospace is proud not only of its donations, but also the way the company worked together towards a common goal to make a difference in our community and encourages companies in the San Antonio area to do the same.