Raisbeck Engineering and Blackhawk Modifications  Inc. have joined forces to provide the highest performing Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 series available on the market today. The new Raisbeck EPIC PLATINUM„¢ and EPIC GOLD„¢ Performance Systems are now certified for Blackhawk’s -52  and -61 Pratt and  Whitney engine upgrades, providing Blackhawk with unparalleled performance.
The two Raisbeck EPIC packages offer increased cruise speeds for the Blackhawk engine upgrades, up to 318 Knots.    Improved takeoff and climb performance join in the Raisbeck benefits, opening up an additional 3,000 airports in the U.S. alone.   Additional economy of operation is another added benefit, deriving from EPIC’s decreased drag and increased engine inlet efficiency.
Raisbeck Engineering’s EPIC PLATINUM and EPIC GOLD Performance Systems are standard on Blackhawk’s Super XPR61 engine upgrade program. They are optional with Blackhawk’s PT6A-52 upgrade, which when combined with Raisbeck’s EPIC package, becomes the Super XPR52.  Over 60 percent of the currently flying King Air 200/B200 fleet is already Raisbeck-equipped with one or more of its performance enhancement systems, and typically takes little additional investment to fully-equip these aircraft with the full Raisbeck EPIC Performance System.
The Raisbeck-equipped PT6A -52 powered aircraft, like the new Hawker Beechcraft B200GT with Raisbeck EPIC, are capable of speeds in excess of 318 Knots, making them the fastest King Airs ever certified since the program’s inception at Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1964.
Owners and operators around the world are now able to enjoy the performance benefits of a winning combination - Raisbeck and Blackhawk, said Sam L. Jantzen Jr., Raisbeck’s Chief Operating Officer.  Short of buying a factory-new B200GT and equipping it with our EPIC System, there is no other way to fly the fastest certified King Air in the world.
Raisbeck’s EPIC GOLD is the classic performance system which includes Dual Aft Body Strakes (factory standard on the Beechcraft 350 production line), Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, Ram Air Recovery System, High Flotation Gear Doors (if High Flotation Gear equipped) and optional Crown Wing Lockers. Raisbeck’s EPIC PLATINUM includes all EPIC GOLD elements as well as the Raisbeck 94 Quiet Turbofan 4-blade propellers.
Blackhawk specializes in upgrading the Beechcraft King Air 90 and 200 series aircraft. More company information can be found at www.blackhawk.aero.
Raisbeck Engineering was founded in 1973 and continues to be dedicated to improving the productivity, safety and performance of business and commercial jet-powered aircraft. More company information and can be found at www.raisbeck.com. High-resolution images are available from Raisbeck upon request.