JFI Russia announced the launch of its new business aviation website, which is now live.

The site www.jfijetsru.com is available in two languages, Russian and English, and has features to help current and prospective customers get closer to JFI Jets experiences.  When the user types in the website he will be brought directly to the Russian version.

Commenting on the launch, Sergy Yakovlev, co-owner of JFI Russia said, “the primary purpose of the website is to provide localized support.  All aspects of our business including communicating with staff, obtaining business licenses and accessing the website is conducted in the native language of the country we operate in.  This is a distinct strength of JFI Jets.

“For quite a few people, the web is their first experience with JFI Russia and we wanted that experience to be as customer-driven as possible.  The website is comprehensive and an easy way for individuals and companies to learn about JFI Russia and business aviation.”

JFI Jets, a worldwide provider of aircraft management and charter services with three major hubs of aviation, New York, Moscow, and Long Beach, California where it has operating bases, entered an agreement with Moscow-based Best-Jets LLC last October and the new venture is called JFI Russia.

Best-Jets was established in 2006 and became one of the most experienced Russian companies in aircraft crewing services, technical support, and aircraft management.

Bill Cripe, JFI Jets Chief Executive Officer said, “the Moscow market is key to JFI Jets operations in the coming months and years.”  “Our customers fly out of Moscow to throughout Russia and Europe, the United States, the Galapagos Islands, Seoul, Korea, Asia, even Kabul, Afghanistan.

“We are really listening to what our customers in Russia and the United States are saying about us and have built features on this new site to reflect their needs.  We are getting closer to digitally bringing the best business aviation experience to reality.  We are allowing people to explore our heavy, midsize and light aircraft in our fleet and the total JFI Jets experience in a much more engaging way than previously possible.  People now can easily get a quote online to charter a private jet.”

Cripe said another important aspect of the website is that it is 100 percent multi-language compatible.  “Our plan is to role this out into more languages in the future,” he said.

The new JFI Russia website provides access to a wide range of information.

Besides viewing the JFI Jets charter fleet, the website’s charter section also provides access to information including news about JFI Jets concierge service; the JFI Jets Experiences program that creates special opportunities for clients with JFI Jets partner-network of hotels, spas, clubs, theaters, and other venues; and JFI Jets Rewards program that provides select JFI Jets clients with a JFI Jets co-branded American Express card that can be used to redeem any of thousands of rewards at selected merchants.

Also available on the website is information about a unique JFI Jets Management Advantage program that guarantees savings on management services that includes fuel, up to 30 percent below retail rates, maintenance, crew training, hangar rental, insurance, and global handling costs.

Last year JFI Jets flew to more than 35 countries including Algeria, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.