Jet Aviation has launched a global refurbishment program to renew and harmonize the look and feel at its FBO and major MRO facilities worldwide.

Beginning with the Geneva, Zurich and Basel facilities in Switzerland and focusing on the facility lobbies and customer and crew lounges, Jet Aviation will transform all of its FBOs and major MROs worldwide to introduce a fresh corporate look and feel, along with many other customer-focused enhancements.

In particular, the company will integrate the same design style in all lobby areas, including the reception desk, textures, colors, flooring, etc., while the customer and crew lounges will have similar colors, furniture and fixtures. Completion of the Geneva and Basel facility enhancements and expansion is scheduled for year’s end; the Zurich facility is scheduled for completion in spring 2013.

“These facility upgrades will provide maximum style and comfort to ensure a premium customer experience,” says Heinz Aebi, senior vice president of group marketing and communications. “Regardless of which Jet Aviation facility customers visit worldwide, they’ll recognize the Jet Aviation design and feel welcome and relaxed.”

In Geneva, Jet Aviation will build a stairway from its lobby to the second floor of the FBO building to allow for two new separate customer and crew meeting rooms, a crew lounge and amenities, a resting lounge for crew and an operations center. The main floor of the FBO will be renovated to include a new reception area and three new customer lounges.

Zurich will add a new building adjacent to the current FBO, which will house the company’s own new reception area and customer lounge, along with its operation center. Basel’s MRO facility will receive a new reception area with customer seating, new customer and crew lounges and business center facilities on the first floor.

Construction is presently underway at the FBO in Zurich, with roll-out of the project to continue throughout the company’s global FBO and MRO network for completion by 2015.