VIP Private Aircraft Charter Operator, GainJet Aviation S.A has yet another reason to celebrate this year, as it officially welcomed the newest addition to its fleet: a VIP Boeing 737 Corporate Airliner uniquely registered SX-VIP.

The exclusive registration is fitting for this new addition, as GainJet continues to introduce a new level of VIP aircraft and service to the industry. The VIP Boeing 737 has been refurbished in 2012 and has been recreated into an Executive Airliner which ensures maximum comfort, safety, and convenience for its clients. The spacious cabin accommodates 60 passengers in plush leather reclining seats and the baggage hold can accommodate up to five tonnes of baggage. The six hour flight range makes it ideal for large groups of passengers in need of a medium range VIP aircraft. The aircraft’s airstairs provide even more convenience when operating to remote destinations, since the need for a mobile staircase or an airbridge is removed.

SX-VIP is the second VIP Boeing 737 that GainJet operates. In 2010, GainJet acquired SX-MTF, an executive Boeing 737 with a 48 seat configuration, which has been popular amongst sports teams, rock bands, governments, and other large passenger groups. GainJet CEO, Captain James McBride, explains, “Our first VIP 737 was a commercial success from the beginning and there has been more demand than initially forecast. At certain times in 2011 we were unable to accommodate some requests due to the aircraft being unavailable. Although with 60 seats, this aircraft aims for a different market, the two aircraft complement each other. We will base SX-VIP in the London area for the initial phase of introduction to the fleet, while testing other markets to see the best commercial home base for the aircraft.”

McBride explains that “Ours is a part of the industry that is unique. No matter what aircraft is being flown, everything has to be perfect for the passengers. Our major challenge is when we are dealing with large groups of VIPs and we have to ensure that everything is meticulously prepared and delivered. It takes the combined effort of professional teams that can only be gained by years of experience and continuous improvement.”

McBride goes on to say, “Although highly technical, our industry is very much about people and personalities. Sometimes aeroplanes attract nicknames given to them by their crews and the engineers. In this case, they are already talking enthusiastically about their new ‘SeXy VIP’ which bodes well for the future!”