FLYINGGROUP, whose business planes already fly from the airports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Paris and Cannes, comes today to the airport of Luxembourg.
Strategic reasons for coming to Luxembourg
From Luxembourg, situated in the heart of Europe, FLYINGGROUP can reach several major European cities, such as London, Paris or Brussels, in one to two hours’ flight time. Now penetrating the rapidly expanding Luxembourg market, FLYINGGROUP already holds a AOC certificate (Aircraft Operating Certificate) in Luxembourg where the company operates a Citation Mustang and a Cessna Citation XLS+.
The new Luxembourg site offers line and ground maintenance services, FLYINGGROUP being an Approved Line Station Maintenance agent and an Authorized Cessna Citation Service Facility for the models Citation Mustang and Citation XL/XLS/XLS+ (see press release of 15/01/09).
The operational team
· Johan Van Lokeren, CEO Luxembourg
· Fabienne Demarcin, Director of Public and Commercial Relations
· Andrew Breeden, Ground Operations Manager
· Frank Woudsma, Flight Operations Manager
· Kris Buyl, Engineering Manager
· Klaas Vandesijpe, Quality Manager
· Peter Ulenaers, Training Manager
· One technician to be hired for maintenance/Part M contribute to the smooth running of this new presence.
The Luxembourg fleet
Two planes are already based and registered in Luxembourg: the Citation Mustang (the first in Luxembourg) and the Citation XLS+ (only three planes of this kind in Europe)
The prestigious cockpit of the Very Light Jet Citation Mustang can accommodate 4 passengers and 2 pilots. In addition, the plane reaches a maximum speed of 630 Km/h and has a range of 1800 kms. The Garmin G1000 navigation system and computer-assisted piloting ensure flight comfort. With its two latest-generation engines, the Mustang is a brilliant successor to the propeller planes.
The Cessna Citation XLS+, the fourth-generation model of this aircraft to be put into service, is a medium-class business plane with a capacity for 8 people. Fast, efficient and comfortable, it serves some 2000 destinations in Europe as against 300 for line flights, given its range of 2800 kms.