CRS Jet Spares is now a distributor for Foxtronic’s Foxcarts.  The Foxcart ground power unit is designed to provide smooth, high current DC power to aircraft during engine starts or ground maintenance.  CRS’ distribution program will include stocking model 1600 (mid-line power unit requiring three-phase power input) and the model 2000 (HI-LINE unit that delivers maximum power output) for immediate delivery.  Our customers have called us for years with their ground support equipment requirements and it was a perfect fit for CRS to collaborate with Foxtronics to begin the distribution of their Foxcarts, says Armando Leighton Jr., CRS CEO.  
When used as an external DC source, it eliminates or minimizes excessive current drain from the aircraft’s battery and battery relay contacts.  It is also designed as a low profile unit that requires minimum ventilation and is easily moved in a crowed hanger by one person.  Foxtronics and CRS are both well known names in the business aviation community and we are proud to launch this program with CRS, says Wayne Ostrander of Foxtronics.