ExecuJet is proud to announce that its African, Middle Eastern and Australasian (Australia and New Zealand) operations have successfully completed audits to become Wyvern Wingman members or have renewed their Wyvern status. The internationally renowned Wingman programme acknowledges the regular use of Wyvern data – tools and software – which enables them to provide superior operations and services on a daily basis.
In order to achieve Wyvern Wingman status, operators must undergo an on-site safety audit and meet rigorous safety standards. Wyvern demands its operators meet safety standards that are in excess of most government regulatory agencies. Operators which pass the on-site audit also agree to regular post-auditing, which requires them to provide up-to-date information regarding aircraft and crew. ExecuJet’s Australian Wyvern approval was first granted in 2002 and has since been renewed four times. ExecuJet Middle East renewed its approval in April, having first been granted such status in 2007.
The Wyvern approval adds to ExecuJet’s long list of flight safety certifications for their worldwide operations. These approvals include recognition from the Flight Safety Foundation BARS (Australia), the HART Aviation Safety Audit, (Africa, Australia) as well as the Shell Aviation Audit (Australia, Middle East). In addition, ExecuJet Africa recently collected the ARGUS Platinum Rating for 2012. It is the only operator to have received the Platinum Rating as a charter operator on the African continent. Together with Australasia, Europe and the Middle East, ExecuJet Africa is also IS-BAO certificated by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).
Quintin Cairncross, Group Director Flight Operations highlighted: “ExecuJet is proud to be receiving safety endorsements from highly valued companies and organisations which recognise that we are an aviation group completely focused on safety and quality in all our regions. Wyvern is one of the most recognised approvals to hold and once again our dedicated workforce has demonstrated just how seriously we take safety and quality.”