DAHER-SOCATA is using a touch of French class in showcasing the TBM 850 Elite version of its very fast turboprop at the 6th Cannes AirShow, held June 7-9 at France’s Cannes-Mandelieu International Airport.

For this event, Longchamp – the French luxury leather goods company – has provided a set of fine leather and fabric travel luggage to highlight the additional baggage possibilities offered with the new TBM 850 Elite. The aircraft’s quick-change interior configuration enables its rear seats to be removed, tripling the pressurized cabin’s available storage volume, allowing a luggage load of up to 507 lb. (230 kg.) in addition to the four persons on board.

“We’re using the French flair at Cannes to underscore one of our TBM 850 Elite’s new highlights, as this air show is a leading meeting point in southern Europe for pilots and aircraft owners,” said Nicolas Chabbert, Vice-President of DAHER-SOCATA’s Airplane Division. “We’re particularly honored to partner with Longchamp, a company well known around the world for the craftsmanship and quality of its travel bags, which are highly appreciated by aviators.”

The Cannes AirShow is the primary general aviation event in France, and a leading gathering in southern Europe, for a wide cross-section of the community.

The TBM 850 is the world’s fastest single-engine turboprop, with a maximum cruise speed of 320 KTAS at 26,000 ft. (in ISA conditions). As an 850-shp. version of DAHER-SOCATA’s proven six-seat TBM 700 turboprop business aircraft, the TBM 850 combines cruise speeds and travel times typical of light jets with the economical direct operating costs of a turboprop, along with excellent range and payload capacity.

The Model Year 2012 TBM 850 Elite was unveiled in March at the U.S. SUN ’N FUN International Fly-In & Expo, and offers a unique capability to tailor the passenger cabin to meet operators’ needs. The middle seats can be oriented in a forward-facing position while the rear seats are removable. In about 30 minutes, the TBM 850 can be reconfigured in a four-seat cabin, increasing the luggage volume capacity by three and doubling the maximum luggage weight.