ARINC Direct, the leading virtual operations center for business aviation, announced that it has released a major upgrade to its iPad® flight planning application. Version 2.3 introduces several new features that make it possible for flight planning subscribers to implement a paperless cockpit environment.

Notably, Version 2.3 introduces an Annotation feature that allows pilots to add and edit flight notes directly into the application. Inserted text is indicated in blue and the font size matches the flight plan. Pilots can connect via Bluetooth to share note-taking responsibilities and annotated notes can be e-mailed for archival purposes. The Notifications icon has been strategically placed so that users can quickly recognize when a new alert has arrived. Based on feedback from pilots and user-interface specialists, the upgraded application offers a streamlined appearance and the return of filtering options for individual flight legs. Pilots can sync their trips with their electronic calendar via iCloud. For datalink-capable aircraft, the new application allows for direct pre-departure clearance delivery. The upgrade also includes crash, stability, and bug fixes.

“The Version 2.3 upgrade has enabled a truly paperless cockpit environment for our customers and the response has been fantastic. Within the first twenty-four hours of its release, nearly half of ARINC Direct subscribers upgraded to the new version. We also saw a significant uptick in the number of first-time users,” said Bob Hanley, Vice President of Business Aviation Solutions at ARINC.

The latest release of the ARINC Direct iPad flight planning application is available for immediate download through the Apple App Store. Users may want to consider upgrading their iPad operating system to version 5.1.1 to take advantage of the most recent performance stability, and feature enhancements.