Gulfstream announced its compact, portable PlaneBook® electronic document manager (EDM) is now available on its mid-size aircraft models, the Gulfstream G150 and G200. The EDM provides pilots immediate access to critical flight information during flight.
First introduced for Gulfstream large-cabin aircraft at NBAA 2007, PlaneBook is a tablet computer preloaded with a complete reference library that includes the Airplane Flight Manual, Operating Manual, pilot checklist and the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH). The electronic version of the QRH, which includes emergency flight procedures, serves as the master document that links to all other documents for easy cross-referencing.
The PlaneBook software was created by Gulfstream pilots and technical writers to reduce pilot workload. With a simple point and click, pilots can access data whenever they need it. Outside the cockpit, PlaneBook can serve as a personal laptop during layovers.
Gulfstream developed PlaneBook in collaboration with Advanced Data Research (ADR), pioneer of the electronic flight bag. ADR uploads the PlaneBook software onto each PlaneBook computer, which is configured to the operator’s requirements. PlaneBook uses a Windows-based Fujitsu FG-1620G tablet computer with one gigabyte of RAM and a 60-gigabyte hard drive.
Customers can choose to upgrade to a higher RAM speed (1 gigabyte) and a larger 32-gigabyte solid-state drive or add a USB global positioning satellite system. Also, because PlaneBook features both wireless Internet and Bluetooth capabilities, pilots can download the latest revisions of manuals en route to a destination.
As a result of PlaneBook’s industry standard operating system, the choice of downloadable software applications is extensive. PlanceBook comes with a three-year warranty and Gulfstream Help Desk priority status. It is available for operators of the G550, G500, G450, G200, G150, GV and GIV/GIV-SP.