Embraer has launched FlyEmbraer www.flyembraer.com, a new Internet portal that provides after-sales services and customer support. FlyEmbraer was developed to offer clients user-oriented tools and online data to support aircraft fleet operations.FlyEmbraer presents considerable enhancements in web portal technology and website ergonomics, in supporting activities related to e-Commerce, fleet maintenance, flight operations and engineering, says Germano Bayer Jr., Embraer’s e-Business Director.The new portal is based on state-of-the-art information technology, expanding functions previously handled through the AEROChain portal www.aerochain.com, which will now focus specifically on relationships with suppliers. This is a third generation of Embraer Internet portals, which started in 1998 with the Customer Integration System (CIS), and now extends the capabilities of the former AEROChain, launched in 2001.FlyEmbraer makes available to customers a wide scope of features designed to improve the operation of Embraer products, including quick access to parts information, e-Commerce, order tracking capabilities, and engineering and technical documents for guaranteeing safe and efficient fleet operations.The site also offers access to technical publications and specialized tools, such as the AircraftHealth Analysis and Diagnosis (AHEAD) system, which continuously monitors the health of the fleet, providing timely maintenance information for programming procedures, and the Support Center, with digital communication and discussion forums. Additional tools, still under development, are planned to be offered later in 2008.