ARINC Incorporated announced that U.K.-based Menzies Aviation has signed a contract to use ARINC’s AviNet® Mail as its primary messaging platform. ARINC was chosen for its cost-efficient solution that enables Menzies Aviation to send and receive passenger processing and cargo system messages from airline handling agents around the world. Following IATA guidelines, ARINC securely and efficiently switches approximately 750,000 messages daily on behalf of Menzies Aviation.

“The migration to ARINC has enabled Menzies Aviation to make a number of cost and operational efficiencies within our organization,” said Martin Gallington, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Menzies Aviation. “We have been impressed with the customer service and support we have experienced throughout the project and we look forward to working with ARINC more closely in the future.”

ARINC’s AviNet Mail suite of services offers a fully interoperable messaging solution, supporting a broad spectrum of IP and legacy airline protocols, as well as multiple message formats in a single- or multiple-user interface with a simple, customizable message-formatting template. The product offers low-cost Type B, email, and SMS messaging over a secure private network, with the highest level of assured delivery available. ARINC’s core network has an availability of 99.999%.

“We are thrilled that Menzies Aviation has switched to ARINC for its messaging services. The superior service and technical expertise we provide gives Menzies Aviation the assurance they need to support their airline customer base,” said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions, ARINC EMEA.