Jet Aviation has launched a new dedicated AOG hotline service for the EMEA & Asia regions to assist aircraft operators with any and all emergency or AOG situations. Calls to the hotline number within Europe “ +800 JETSTARS (+800 5387 8277) “ or +41 58 158 4848 from outside Europe “ are answered 24/7 by a qualified member of Jet Aviation’s EMEA & Asia MRO division.

This new AOG hotline for EMEA & Asia complements Jet Aviation’s AOG support organization in the U.S. (+1877 313 5999 for St. Louis and +1 877 JET HELP [+1 877 538 4357] for Teterboro and Boston/Bedford) and provides aircraft operators with a worldwide support network in case of emergencies or AOG occurrences. The team of highly qualified technicians, located across Jet Aviation maintenance facilities, has a track record of resolving AOG or unscheduled maintenance requests within 48 hours. Equipped with visas for most of the EMEA & Asian countries, the team is always on standby, can be mobile within two hours and is able to assist a wide range of aircraft in the event of AOG incidents.

Rather than approaching various Jet Aviation sites within our EMEA & Asia network when an AOG situation occurs or a part is needed urgently, we have simplified the process for aircraft operators and set up a new centralized AOG hotline, says Christof Späth, senior vice president MRO and FBO services for Jet Aviation EMEA & Asia. After gathering all information relevant to the problem, we immediately enlist personnel or parts from the nearest available Jet Aviation maintenance facility or aircraft service center to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, he adds.