09/02/2010 RAISBECK C90/E90 GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE TO 10,560 lbs


Raisbeck Engineering announced recently that its increased gross weight kit to 10,560 lbs (ramp weight) and 10,500 lbs (takeoff weight) will now be included at no charge with the purchase of its Crown Wing Locker System. Deliveries begin in April 2010. The package is available for all 1,470 C90s and 347 E90s. The $49,949 package price includes the increased gross weight to 10,560 lbs.
James Raisbeck, company CEO emphasized, This is the first time we have offered our Increased Gross Weight as a stand-alone since its introduction more than 20 years ago. The Wing Locker/GWI package makes good business sense, and allows for a later seamless follow-on addition of our EPIC Performance Package, which includes our Power Props and associated FAA-certified unmatched takeoff and climb performance, at time of next propeller overhaul.
The Crown Wing Lockers offer 600 lbs of external storage in nearly 17 cubic feet of space, a perfect combination with Raisbeck's increased gross weight to carry the extra payload safely and securely.
Operators desiring increased gross weight now have a cost effective option, which also increases the aircraft's utility, and save $20,000 in the bargain.
Raisbeck's Crown Wing Lockers are also an option for Raisbeck's 90 series EPIC Performance Package (C90GTi, C90GTx, C90GT, C90/C90A/C90B, and E90). The package consists of Raisbeck Performance Props and Dual Aft Body Strakes. New aircraft owners are encouraged to purchase the Crown Lockers and Strakes combination, which offers a great discount incentive to complete the EPIC Performance Package at a later date by adding Raisbeck Performance Props at their propeller overhaul.
Tim Thompson, pilot of LJ-1888, reports, Our Raisbeck Crown Wing Lockers combined with the additional take-off weight makes a big difference, especially in our operations. It allows us to accomplish additional missions with a higher load factor. It also allows us to tanker more home fuel at a less expensive price.
Raisbeck's Crown Wing Lockers/increased Gross Weight combination is available worldwide from all Hawker Beechcraft and independent Raisbeck Dealers, with minimal down time and no additional maintenance required. For more information, please contact Scott Keefe, Raisbeck's King Air Sales Manager, at sales@raisbeck.com.
Raisbeck Engineering continues in the tradition of its founder and CEO, James Raisbeck, to bring innovative performance systems and products to a broad range of business and commercial aircraft through advanced technology application to existing fleets and new aircraft.