L-3 Avionics Systems announced today that it has received Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval from the FAA for the Trilogy„¢ ESI-1000 Electronic Standby Instrument on Part 27 and Part 29 rotary-wing aircraft. This all-in-one glass standby instrument is the first system of its type certified for light helicopter operations. The Trilogy ESI will be on display in L-3
booth 4829 at the HAI HELI-EXPO, which runs February 21“23.
The all-glass cockpit is now possible for our fixed- and rotary-wing customers, said Larry Riddle, vice president of business development for L-3 Avionics Systems. Trilogy saves panel space and reduces weight for light helicopter operators. These two significant benefits combined with Trilogy’s solid-state reliability and precision make it an excellent package for this market.
The Trilogy ESI combines attitude, altitude, airspeed and optional heading data on a clear, 3.7-inch diagonal Active Matrix LCD display. By presenting flight information in a way that corresponds with today’s glass flight decks, Trilogy facilitates a smooth transition from primary to standby instruments in an emergency and enhances consistency across the panel.
With an integrated air data computer, solid-state attitude sensor and optional external magnetometer, the ESI presents accurate flight information independently of other systems. A simple four-button pilot interface, automatic brightness control and dimensions matching the standard 3-ATI mounting cutout make it easy to operate and install. Once activated, the system is aligned and ready for flight in less than three minutes.
The rotorcraft version of the Trilogy ESI is calibrated from 20 to 350 knots and -1,500 to 55,000 feet, and can detect roll rates up to 100 degrees per second “ well within the flight envelope of today’s general aviation aircraft. Additionally, Trilogy provides airspeed cues for critical reference airspeeds and operating ranges specific to the aircraft. The model will be available through OEMs as well as for retrofit to modernize both glass and traditional cockpit configurations.
The Trilogy ESI was developed with L-3 Avionics Systems’ advanced solid-state expertise, which has made the company a leader in electronic standby instrument systems for high-end aircraft. Now, Trilogy makes this technology a smart and affordable option for helicopter pilots as well.