Florida automobile dealer Larry Phillips took delivery last week of aircraft #59 in Sierra’s series of re-engined FJ44 Citation business jets. Not only is his new FJ44-2A Stallion aircraft significantly faster than before, but Sierra Industries also set a new speed record for the installation process, completing the engine modification in just over 6 weeks. Kudos go to Sierra’s dedicated maintenance & modification crews and in-house manufacturing division for cutting some 2 weeks off of their previous best turnaround time.

In a lighthearted homage to his automobile dealerships, a new car-style window sticker was included in Mr. Phillip’s delivery. The delighted owner responded, This Stallion is without a doubt the fastest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Taking off from Uvalde, Texas, we were soon eastbound, climbing at 5,500 feet per minute! In less than 25 minutes we were cruising at FL430 at a speed of over 400 knots. This plane feels like a rocketship!

Building on over 28 years of aircraft modification history and two decades of experience in re-engining the Citation, Sierra’s re-engining lineup includes the highly successful FJ44-2A powered Eagle II, Stallion and the FJ44-3A powered Super II and Super S-II modifications. Supporting these modifications with their extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, Sierra is among the largest holders of FAA Parts Manufacturing Approvals (PMA) in the southwestern US.

Many re-engined aircraft benefit from Williams’ renowned Total Assurance Program (TAP), the industry’s leading engine maintenance program for more than 13 years. Compared to the original JT15-D engines, the TAP program typically saves operators more than a quarter-million dollars in engine maintenance costs by the time TBO is reached.

The Williams powerplants also increase efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, cost and carbon emissions. Operators enjoy substantial performance improvements, from 35 to 50 knot cruise speed increases and 300 to 400 NM greater range to dramatically improved climb. All 4 models can achieve FL430 at gross weight in under 25 minutes from any airport in North America.