Despite strong competition from companies in Europe and the US, Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman chose Emivest Aerospace, a subsidiary of Emirates Investment and Development Company, to supply him with the very latest in SJ30 private jet. Freeman, who is currently visiting Dubai for a Christmas vacation, had decided earlier on the aircraft which provides solutions for longer and faster travel to owners.
After speaking to a number of companies and individuals, Emivest came out on top as the only company that fitted all my criteria, said Freeman during a press briefing held today (December 23 2009) at Dubai International Airport. I was more than happy to buy from a company based in the UAE as I have travelled around the Emirates on a number of occasions and see this as a strong business hub despite the current economic problems across the world.
It is exciting to fly the SJ30 in my world tour to promote for my new movie Invictus which talks about the South African leader Nelson Mandela. This will help in shining the light on a UAE based company that manufactures very special private jets, he added.
The SJ30 sale returns early revenue for the company. The purchase will also help the firm to secure future investment and allow it to explore new markets in the aerospace industry.
The sale of this SJ30 to Mr. Freeman proves the robust nature of business in the UAE and specifically Dubai, said Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, chairman of Emirates Investment and Development Company, the main investors in the US based aircraft manufacturer, Emivest Aerospace. Businesses across the world have suffered in the downturn, but this reaffirms the strength of locally-based companies, and especially Emivest.
The SJ30 has been manufactured by Emivest Aerospace as a solution to longer, faster travel for corporate jets. Fitted with the very latest in flight and safety equipment the jet has raised the interest of many private aviators across the world. After completing test flights with Emivest’s chief test pilot John Siemens and production pilot Bryan Dennison, the aircraft was officially delivered to Freeman. 
I am really looking forward to flying the new jet and will use it to travel in the US from coast to coast without having to stop. I’m not sure if I’ll fly it all the way from the UAE, but with the film industry growing in the Gulf, and the various film festivals here building in stature, I’ll definitely be back soon, Freeman added.
Freeman, who starred in the award winning Shawshank Redemption and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, took delivery of the SJ30 during the official handover ceremony in Dubai and will use it to cut journey time and the associated costs that accompany commercial air travel. The actor has held a flying licence since 2002 and is an accomplished pilot.