CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has introduced a new plan to benefit operators with unscheduled maintenance requirements. The pay as you need program is designed to support capable flight departments with (in-house) competent staff. Such a program eliminates the need for any pay-by-the-hour excessive maintenance charges.

This program is a back-to-the-basics cost saving solution for aircraft operations that do not allow operational budgeting concerns to dictate standard capabilities and reason. CRS has been supporting Gulfstream, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker and Lear for years and is confident in its abilities to provide quality support that demonstrates cost savings. The flight department that has the expertise and infrastructure has the ability to partner with CRS to maintain dispatch reliability and provide cost saving options while utilizing the resources within their organization.

We are aware of our core competencies and level of excellence, claims CRS Vice President of Sales and Operations, Jack Caloras. In providing this program as an option to the classic pay-by-the-hour programs, CRS is offering an alternative solution for that flight department with the talent and resources to work together. 

The CRS Unscheduled Maintenance Program is developed specifically for each client and is designed around the needs and talents to arrive at that perfect win-win arrangement.